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Recent pathfinding changes and Ai Playerbot

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Just asking for a guidance...

Recent changes to mmaps caused some issues such as Copying it here:

Bots use a simple movement strategy, e.g. when following:
1) select a point near target with the appropriate angle (to make sure bots do not overlap)
2) bot->GetMotionMaster().MovePoint(mapId, x, y, z, true)

The problem is when there is a bridge or other structure with the same x,y coord but with upper z. MMap generator always picks a way to the upper z position making bot climbing or jumping instead of just going under the bridge.

Could be pathfinding issue, not sure can be fixed in MovementAction.
The question is: how to obtain "end" coordinates of the generated path? I tried methods such as


bot->UpdateGroundPositionZ(x, y, z);
bot->UpdateAllowedPositionZ(x, y, z);
but they do not change z at all. An example - bridge in instances (e.g. Wailing Caverns).

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I use Single Player Project Real v2 previously,it contains MangosR2 and your bot program.It works well,Because of your and MangosR2 team's work,I can play WOW with more pleasure.

Now I want build the server myself,I download the MangosR2, ScriptDev2 and your AI Playerbot code.I know how to compile MangosR2 and ScriptDev2,but I don't konw how to merge your bot code into MangosR2 core.

Can I merge it by git in this way:
1.Downlaod MangosR2,ScriptDev2(by git)
$ cd /c
git clone git:// mangos (local repository is mangos)
2.Enter commands in git:
$ cd /c/mangos
$ git pull git://
3.Then use the default method(project_setup.bat in repository mangos) compile the MangosR2, ScriptDev2
Is this right?Can AI Playerbot code merge into the core and automatic compiled using this procedure?

The second question is update,after installed the server,if new AI Playerbot update is available,Do I need to repeat the entire above process?(Assuming the above process is correct)

Thank you very much!

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In recent commits bot movement changed to follow generators so the issue shouldn't be so annoying (not fixed though).

This is offtopic. You do not need to merge Ai Playerbot with anything - it contains R2 code already. If any update happens you need to pull Ai Playerbot repo only.

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