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ToC10/25 Gormok the Impaler - Snobold Vassal

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Gormok throws his adds Snobold Vassal during fight. This snobold Vassal cast at first this spell:
66406 - Snobolled!
Target from 66406 spell-> TARGET_94, means caster cast on vehicle base-> the snobold Vassal should "drive", "sit", "enter" with/on player vehicle.

Effects and a short description:
BasePoints = 0
Targets (94, 0) (TARGET_94, NO_TARGET)
Aura Id 226 (SPELL_AURA_PERIODIC_DUMMY), value = 0, misc = 0 (0), miscB = 0, periodic = 500

I don't know what this dummy done, but target is the player. Possible interrupt all cast spells with 66408

BasePoints = 1
Targets (94, 0) (TARGET_94, NO_TARGET)
Aura Id 38 (SPELL_AURA_STATE_IMMUNITY), value = 1, misc = 61 (61), miscB = 0, periodic = 0

Make the target immun to aura 61 (modify scale) AND remove all scale auras.

BasePoints = 0
Targets (94, 0) (TARGET_94, NO_TARGET)
Aura Id 38 (SPELL_AURA_STATE_IMMUNITY), value = 0, misc = 239 (239), miscB = 0, periodic = 0

Make the target immun to aura 239 (give player a vehicleId) AND remove all 239 auratypes.

Problem description:

Player need a VehicleId -> this should done with aura 239 -|-> this aura removes all 239 auras

Possible Solution:
Give Player a dummy VehicleId, hard coded in core.

What is your opinion?

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sorry, I researched this place long ago, and I can not remember all the confidence ...
1. gormok cast spell (absent in DBC) on player, player give aura 239 and vehicle_id (6xx, may be found in discussion on ScriptDev2, sorry, i'm banned on this).
2. gormok remove cobold from own seat, cobold search target by aura from 1)
3. cobold find target, cast 46598 on it and after sit cast 66406
4. aura from 1) _not_really_removed_, player maked only immune for targeting from gormok again
5. periodic aura - from cobold AI, his cast 66407/else by this.

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Thanks for answer.
I will hack the core in void Aura::HandleAuraModStateImmunity(bool apply, bool Real) and put the enemy raid aura to northend beast stalker (thats a dummy npc hole over the first encounter)

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