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Full map/dbc/vmap/mmap extracting for R2 step-by-step (for Windows only!).

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1. Get from files:
Read README.txt!
2. Get from this resource Windows extractor binary for needed platform ( subfolders Win32/Win64) - copy _all_ files from subfolder.
3. Put all getted files in WOW main directory (where wow.exe located)
4. Run (attention! for run this your must have bash in sytem PATH. need install any software with MinGW environment, Git for example)
4. True answer on all script questions.
5. Await (~4 hours on c2quad) for all files maked. size of result - ~3gb
6. copy folders dbc, maps, vmaps, mmaps (Buildings not needed) to your server Data folder (set up in config).
7. Enjoy.

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Thanks rsa, I wonder if it's possible extract mmaps for more locations than those three in offmesh.txt, for example main instances and arenas...

I ask because I don't know how "build" an offmesh file and I don't find the answer over the internet

Thank you!

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Сегодня заметил что, папка win была удалена по логам гита, компилировать теперь только через CMake, или есть ещё способы, просто не очень удобно работать с ядром после сборки CMake. .
Поздно заметил тему

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Надо Темпуру на полставки позвать, у него все быстро научаются нужные темы замечать...

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I posted in other post but, Is this still valid?


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yes, still valid. same as for 4.3.4 branch.

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