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warden hitchhikers

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1 warden hitchhikers on Sat Oct 06 2012, 23:53

Can any one change this to TOM_RUS Warden ?
Offset - Length - Type - Hash - Seed
0x00000000 0x09 0 9514FD3E4C299E405F133CB7213A74CF7200BF3B 6C326BAA
0x00000010 0x12 0 45627AF3559D352EE98612258F5B2BBB76BCD1BD 2BC58118
0x00001000 0x21 0 ADF8A5B76E45859898E02F5C40F349E9161D4325 295BC631
0x000013B6 0x31 0 F0D7C4C6795EF03180F6B89B1A85E6CA01DA9D47 1A064DF0
0x000013E6 0x31 0 26C25B8201FFF00BEEB46C6C448FB34B8D9956EE A668B9AD
0x00003073 0x37 0 1BBDA95C909393301D95773B2B384BDE89783EF1 38057B60
0x00003113 0x10 1 79C14EECEF483BF0DA1658CED5F587F0EED49EE2 9A42D210
0x000032D0 0x36 0 2E55851C3679D8F40E9DD27B83BF9EBE3F3DF934 D177CF64
0x0001FC3A 0x0C 0 769451A1BC485F06B6345508E53B0850A75E6E88 B505D3FB
0x00020FB8 0x73 0 43D133B6EE6906C236E56F6D0608C2AAC0DD4E51 C0658FA9
0x000255F6 0x34 0 0A185C3DEF5457D8BC9EE0A429915AA60F4983CB E0B2CE46
0x000255FE 0x34 0 56288B924A5C0EE2678EEF19A4F403A3A1E2E7BE D45923C4
0x0002660E 0x34 0 DCC5A217FD0B03CABC423138F4762DBFFE65C5BC 470D2BDD
0x00245C7B 0x0D 1 99CF5AB88FB087E9750057EDFD0495FDAAC64612 386A85EF
0x00835C08 0x0C 1 80B458778A7CB463131EF4DB87A6E207EBCC5953 F86A8199
0x0084D1D5 0x0C 1 19F4259D1812B664443BD6C9FFCCDB464516941D 92C46618
0x00874CAB 0x0C 1 A93A509014B584E8593C514D331A4E5FD2D01BD2 801CBD8C
0x008A866A 0x0B 1 5EE611758B3D15D62A381BDB4EC6B5AD8A891686 62DBCB5D
0x00DF0BDC 0x04 1 E0BA3A3651C9BFA8FF74A6D864E4CF5754DF3DF0 09461183

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2 Re: warden hitchhikers on Sun Oct 07 2012, 04:52


add to warsen_data_result (address, length, check, data, result - if your describe data correctly) and test.

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3 Re: warden hitchhikers on Sun Oct 07 2012, 12:04

Thank you rsa, i test it not working .

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4 Re: warden hitchhikers on Mon Oct 08 2012, 03:41


as i know, warden principially cannot detect hitchhickers - fully another principle of work. currently only passive anticheat may make this.

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5 Re: warden hitchhikers on Tue Dec 18 2012, 10:28

it is detecting. warden memory hack detected after 10 min of using hitchhickers. not bad.
but in 10 min i can go all locked doors and objects.

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6 Re: warden hitchhikers on Tue Dec 18 2012, 18:02


all other cheats detected for comparable time. only passive anticheat not have lag like this...

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7 Re: warden hitchhikers Today at 23:23

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