MangosR2 is a free, open source MMORPG framework, derived from MaNGOS project

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New with some questions

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1 New with some questions on Sun Nov 11 2012, 16:12

Hi mangosR2 !

I'm new on this forum, french with a very bad english, so scuse me ^^.
I've some questions and I don't know where post it.

1) How generate the doxygen documentation of MangosR2?
2) Do you know a "full DB translation" in french (except UDBFR)?
3) I want to work on mangosR2, is documentation (doxygen) can it help me? Have you got any advice to give me? (I don't program in C++ but I have good knowledge in PHP (object) and Java (object) and MySQL)
4) Finaly, where to start to be a dev? (knowing that my project is to make a server with mangosR2, debug it and translate it in french)


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2 Re: New with some questions on Sun Nov 11 2012, 17:54


2. I know of only projects on the Russian, German, Spanish and Chinese localization.
3. I never used doxygen for Mangos and do not think that is automatically generated documentation can help. easier to learn by example or by asking questions in specialized forums.
4. for starters, try make worked server on mangosR2. database can use any. in the future can do localization or writing scripts for bosses in dungeons (in SD2 C++) or quests/creatures (in EAI language). heavy need dev's for work on core, but his must have big expirience :( sources of mangos is big and not so simple...

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